website is no longer available.
Operating from 2004 to 2009, the domain name hosted the website of Tech Atlas - a technical cooperation project operating under the aegis of the Government of Moscow. The site was available in the Russian, German and English languages.

The project was aimed at encouraging the development of international and inter-regional scientific, technological and industrial cooperation and was coordinated by Exhibition - Service Center on behalf of the Department for Science and Industrial Policy of Moscow.

The project comprised of the following sections:

- an 'Atlas of Technologies' containing technological proposals representing different scientific trends;
- a 'Directory of Companies' demonstrating industrial and scientific potential of its participants with the purpose to create new jobs and use more fully the productive capacities and potential of scientific collectives; and,
- a 'Cooperation Exchange' providing to all the participants in the project opportunities not only to establish direct contacts with foreign companies, but also to find partners in Russian regions.